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I think some people feel hesitant to try to play the violin even if they are interested in it.

And I hear some opinions that it is quite difficult for us to play it unless we start to practice from childhood.

If you want to be a professional player, it is true.

But if you want to enjoy it as a hobby or an activity, I recommend you to start the first lesson early to enrich your life with music.


It is a true that you can improve your skill easily when you start as young as possible.

It is very important for beginners to learn the appropriate posture and how to playing. Because wrong postures and positions make us tired and prevent from playing well.

Each person has each physique.

So I would like to teach as the most appropriate way for you.


When your playing skill reach the higher level, you may feel harder and take a longer time to improve it. I think sometimes it occurs in both your sikll and mental.

I have experienced these sufferings. So I understand them.

I am happy to help you to solve those problems.


 Mari Sakamoto  

■ Profile

Mari Sakamoto (Izaki)

Mari get her first violin training from her mother.

She received her Bachelor's degree and Master's degree(music) from faculty of music at Tokyo University of the Arts.

After graduated, Mari has performed at many recitals and chamber music concerts mainly.

Mari serves as an associate professor in faculty of music at Seitoku University.

And also Mari is a member of "Japan String Teachers, Association" and "Kashiwa Music, Association in Chiba.",

"Japanese Music Therapy Association", The Japanese Society for Music Perception and Cognition", "Acoustical Society of Japan".


■ Address

3 Edogawadai-Higashi Nagareyama, Chiba, Japan

■ Access 

Get off at Edogawadai Station ( Tobu Noda Line), and walk about 6 minutes, near SAKURA Dental Clinic.