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2021.11.1 Concert "The World of Elegance that Transcends Time and Space 〜Bel Canto Music Academy 30th anniversary Concert

28th.November, upload to concert information.

2021.9.30 On Friend's concert "How about Ave Maria for Christmas?" up


2021.9.2 Concert "Melody on Ice" 〜A collection of masterpieces that support figure skating〜, 27th November, upload to concert information. 

2021.8.25 Concert of "How about Mozart?" 2021.9.11, upload to concert infomation.


2021.5.16 Yesterday, Beethoven's concert ended. We would like to thank many customers for visiting us despite under the covid-19.

2021.4.30 The 120th anniversary departure ceremony of the Narita Line and the performance with the graduates of Seitoku University stringed instruments were blessed with good weather, and we were able to finish it safely with the cute children's stationmasters. Introducing the net news images.

2021.4.14 At Amuse Kashiwa, the nomber of visitors is currently half. May is undecided , but just in case we will limit it  to 200 people which is half of the total.  Introducing the net news images below.



2021.4.12  Information of Concert added

2021.3.27  Research activity add in English 

2021.3.23  English page set up

2021.3.11  Blog opened

2021.3.9 Concerts while  2019〜2020 added

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