Mari Sakamoto




If you are interested in starting violin for the first time,

improving your skills, or professionally, 

please feel free to contact me.  There is also a trial lesson.






I welcome everyone...

who want to learn to play the violin,

who want to play in an ensemble,

and who want to bring joy to others through your playing.

I hope that you will enjoy learning, making efforts, and seeking your music from my lesson. 

*about Courses



I'm performing in my hometown with my music friends.  Because I want to share a wonderful time with you.

I believe it has a power to heal and energize you.  Would you like to join our concerts?


 When I perform, I use my old family name

"Mari Izaki".


If you have any questions about playing the violin,

please feel free to ask me.


What's New !


2023.3.2 Added page of past concerts.

2023.2.4 Sorry not updating for a long time. Updated my concert information.

2021.11.1 Concert "The World of Elegance that Transcends Time and Space 〜Bel Canto Music Academy 30th anniversary Concert

28th.November, upload to concert information.

2021.9.30 On Friend's concert "How about Ave Maria for Christmas?" up

2021.9.2 Concert "Melody on Ice" 〜A collection of masterpieces that support figure skating〜, 27th November, upload to concert information. 

2021.8.25 Concert of "How about Mozart?" 2021.9.11, upload to concert information.

*We will limit the number of seats from 150 to 75 to prevent infection.


2021.3.2 Homepage Opened




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February 26, 2022


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